“Demand Media Streaming Services Online” offered by Xfinity Stream-pix Comcast. Now this is good news, you can choose courtesy of the content of the xfiniti stream on Roku

The streaming player for the Xfinity TV beta application is now available on Roku. From the Roku Channel Store, you can include the Xfinity TV Beta application easily installed. Includes all self-install kit installation and activation information. You can find it in your Xfinity folder.

  • Activate on your device online, your TV and the application

Activate on your device With

If you are active in the pod or Xfinity Affinity XFI Gateway (Arris 1682G, 3941T Cisco, Arris 3482G, Technicolor CGM4140COM, or Cisco DPC3939), you can use the XFI Xfinity application for easy activation. After setup, you can use the application to manage your home network. To determine the type of gateway, see further model information at the bottom of your device. You can also enter and choose devices in your account.

  • Download the free XFI Xfinity
  • app from Google Play or the App Store.
  • Login to Xfinity using your
  • username and password.
  • If you do not have one, you can
  • create a sign-in page.
  • When you are logged in, follow
  • the screen on the request for easy activation.
  • You are doing active XFI
  • peas> Go to Xfinity devices> XFI pods.
  • If you do not show the signal,
  • the XFI Gateway is activated and automatically activated, select More>
  • Xfinity devices and go to the XFI gateway or pod XFI.

Activate on your device online

If you are active on Xfinity Internet, Voice, or any other TV service other than X1, then you can easily activate your device online.

  • Connect and turn on your Internet, voice, and/or TV device.
  • Easy activation instructions step-by-step visit
  • You can activate your Xfinity mobile device, then visit

For additional information, see the self install installation kit video and visit the guides or Instructions for install step-by-step Internet service, see installing a new gate or modem and active.

Activate your device to your TV

If you are an active TV x1 box, see how to enable Xfinity x1. Learn more about how to activate your X1 device.

If you have a separate gateway or any third party modem/router

To enable approved third-party gateway Xfinity Xfinity services or modem/router:

Note: These steps apply to both Xfinity tools, and the third party approved tools. We consult the installation guide for manufacturers to advise you instructions.

Place entrance or modem

  • Find the right cable outlet in your home.
  • Place the entrance or modem for an open area with an exterior wall, metal surface, a microwave, and away from windows (do not put on the floor). Avoid tight spaces and really anything that may block the signal device.

Connect gateway

  • When the power cord behind your door and then plug in an electrical outlet.
  • Screw one end of the cable to the entrance, or the cable end to the modem/port RF coaxial cable and power outlet. Make sure the connection finger is tight.
  • If you subscribe to Xfinity Voice Services, use the Tel 1 connection at the entrance using your Relive cable, or connect your phone to the modem.

Wait till the entrance or ready modem

  • The gateway or a modem may take up to 10 minutes to be ready to be activated. Make sure that the lights have undergone go to the next step. Do not remove the gateway or modem during this process.
  • Fixed power, AS / DS, and online lights are less than solid for one minute and start flashing 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz lights if you have one side gate next Xfinity with multiple lights.
  • If you only have an entrance Xfinity with light above it, then it should be at least a solid white for a minute.
  • If you have a model of a third party, your modem is ready for the manufacturer’s instructions when it is activated.

Establishing Temporary Internet Connection

  • Next, you need to establish an internet connection via wifi or Ethernet cable.
  • Connect via wifi (if gateway/modem support wireless connection)
  • On the side entrance or a modem, the network name back or down (Ssaidi) printed and saw the password. The name may sound like a house-xxxx-xxxx or XFSETUP.
  • Enable your device’s wifi from the list of available networks and go to the wifi settings on the network name. If prompted, enter your password. When you click Connect using a Security Key link to enter a password for the Security Key, you are asked to enter a PIN in place of a password.

Connected via ethernet cable

· Click on one of the open ports on the Ethernet cable, gateway, or modem until it can render. Plug the other end into your computer’s Ethernet port. The light Ethernet port is connected.

Enable gateway or modem

  • Once you have established an Internet connection, open a web browser and go to while and if it is not a welcome message to automatically start setup. Follow the on-screen instructions to verify their Xfinity account and complete the activation process.
  • Note: When you have finished activation, the gateway may reboot or have a modem, and may take up to 10 minutes to connect to your home network.

Connect to your home network

  • After activation,, modem gateway or wireless connection support if your device connects to your home network for WiFi name and password. If you want to connect to the Xfinity Gate again automatically, the device is changed and put the same settings for implementation
  • Go to WiFi settings on your
  • device’s WiFi enabled. List of available networks To see the names of your stores, you can add your devices to your home network.
  • Choose a home WiFi network name and password to join. During activation, make sure you use the newly assigned change.

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